What Gun-Free in South Carolina Means

“Pass the salt, dear, or I’ll blow you away…”

Consider your most recent venture into a honky-tonk bar in South Carolina. Now consider that Gov. Nikki Haley will make it legal to bring a gun into said establishment. Chilling? It should be. Now when you go out for a drink after work, you can rest easy in the knowledge that the idiot next to you may not only be dumb, but armed to boot.

In South Carolina, gun-free means you are free to carry guns almost anywhere.

Well, you can be strapped, but only if you are dry…

What do bouncers do know? Stop and frisk you at the door? And let’s also define dry. Why do you go to a bar? To practice temperance? I never noticed you. Try and figure this one out. Logistically, it is impossible. Drunks don’t surrender their guns, and if they do, to whom? This is equivalent to a safety on a firearm, but one that is impossible to use.

We’re gun friendly down here.

South Carolina has aggressively courted gun manufacturers looking to relocate into states that don’t enact strict gun laws. In essence, we are becoming the place to do business. Ithaca Gun Company is expanding into Myrtle Beach. PTR says they are coming. Stag is looking into Horry county, and FN is touted as a Columbia success story. This new law will state the obvious.

We’re wage friendly too!

Boeing didn’t choose Charleston for the seafood. They chose it for the wages. South Carolina is a right-to-work state, meaning it’s not union-friendly. That’s a big draw, made even bigger by generous perks.

Despite the recruiting successes, gun manufacturing does not employ thousands of workers. They employ hundreds. The revenue benefits for the state are yet to be determined.

Bars and Restaurants can just say no…

How this happens is anyone’s guess. Will the bartenders be strapped? What if some real gun-control-sign-SCAmerican brings his gun in anyway? Do you call the police? And start a shootout in your restaurant? How is this going to work? Not well. The implications for law enforcement? The job just got significantly harder. For bars? Bartenders now have one more thing to worry about; customers who get angry are not so easy to throw out any more. They could kill you for it.

Are churches and schools next?

Will the PTA be required to learn to use a gun? The church organist? Where does this all end?

In the good old days, every farmer had a shotgun. He kept it above the fireplace, and used it to shoot varmints, rarely two-legged ones. No one took guns to church. The mythical saloon gun battles were just that, a myth that may have been a reality in a few towns, for only a few years, before common sense took hold.

Statistically, guns make no sense. The numbers tell a tale of women murdered in crimes of passion, of kids killed by guns left in the wrong place, of family members dead from accidental discharges.

Bars are for drinking. Adding guns will make bars far more dangerous. No one will be safer for this law.

Talk about South Carolina!