Voting Is A Local Issue – Do Not Comply

Many states are refusing to comply with a request by the White House to surrender information on voters, including social security numbers and voting preferences. This as the White House seeks to decide the extent of voter fraud.

There is no voter fraud.

The number is a fraction of a fraction. It is not statistically relevant.

The White House does not need our voting data

The reason is that all voting is locally controlled. Local volunteers run your precinct.  They also manage the rolls. The federal government steps in when there are irregularities.

The only irregularity is the request

There are no irregularities in the choice of 2016. Donald Trump won a majority of the electoral delegates. He did not win a majority of the popular vote.

This is about Donald Trump again

The White House is asking the states to turn over data that does not belong to the federal government, for a reason that is patently absurd. They are trying to prove that Donald Trump won the popular vote. He did not.

South Carolina needs to say no

South Carolina needs to resist this overreach by the federal government, as they have done so often in the past.

Talk about South Carolina!