Vote Absentee!

Vote Absentee!

With the voter registration deadline behind us, it’s time to start getting out the vote for Democrats up and down the ballot!  If you want to skip the lines and be one of the first to make your vote count, check and see if you’re eligible to vote absentee.  You can vote absentee either in person or by mail.  All the information you need, including the link to find the location and contact information for your county’s elections office, is available at

The detailed eligibility criteria are listed on that page; put simply, here are the two basic criteria to remember:

1) If you are age 65 or olderyou are automatically eligible to vote absentee without having any other reason.

2) If you are under 65, and you have a legitimate conflict that will prevent you from making it to the polls on Election Day (like work, or even vacation), you can vote absentee.

There are other categories that apply in more specific circumstances, so be sure to read through the details at

As you prepare to vote, you may find it helpful to view a sample ballot; to do so, click here and enter your information.  Make a plan now to be 100% sure you have a chance to cast your ballot for Democrats between now and November 8!

Source: SCDP
Vote Absentee!

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