Trump Doubles Down

What a stiff!

When you make a complete ass of yourself, there is very little else you can do but double down. So Donald Trump did just that. He went after Lindsey Graham. Like John McCain, it kind of stunned Lindsey. I mean, he was in South Carolina after all. Is there no decency among the candidates? Does anyone remember Reagan’s Eleventh Commandment?

A crowd pleaser

What stuns us is the responses of the people who came to see the Donald. They seemed okay with the whole debacle. The like it that Trump does not pull punches. They like the in-your-face attitude. Years of platitudes and quoting scripture to get elected in the south, these folks were okay with a little red meat. Even some blood.

What’s Next?

The dangerous thing about the Donald to the rest of the field is that he has been plugged into the the RNC game for a long time. He knows the other candidates personally, and that means he can tell stories. That has to be scaring the crap out of more than a few. Is the Donald that out of control?
Consider that his outbursts have cost him a lot of money, and a lot of creds. Kardashian creds, we mean, the tacky reality creds that Trump has wallowed in since he became a faux celebrity. And now all of that star power is leaching away. Money can’t buy that kind of happiness. But more outrageous comments can; at the expense of the candidates who might have a chance against the Democrats.

Talk about South Carolina!