‘Thank you’ is not enough

‘Thank you’ is not enough


Today, we honor and thank veterans and their families for their service to our country.

Americans from every corner of our nation and of every race, religion, sexual orientation and political affiliation have answered the call to serve, and for that we owe them our unending gratitude.

But simply saying ‘Thank You’ is not enough.

We must come together to care for our veterans when they come home by helping them find jobs and gain access to affordable education and training opportunities, as well as housing and medical services.

While work is being done, quite simply, it isn’t enough. There are too many veterans left jobless and homeless and, most disturbingly, without adequate medical care.

Political differences aside, we can all work together to provide veterans with the care they need. It is the least we can do.

Actions speak louder than words. Today, and every day, let’s work together to make sure when our veterans come home, they know, without a doubt, how much their service means to us.

Source: SCDP
‘Thank you’ is not enough

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