Scumbags and subterfuge: Benghazi rhetoric heats up

“…I’m the biggest scumbag in America.”

Scumbags in the House and Senate reacted angrily to Sen Lindsey Graham’s comment, lashing out at his record. “We have world-class scum in the House.” remarked one representative, “There is no way  the Senator can claim that title. Have you seen our roster?”

Presidential hopefuls in the Senate also called on Sen Graham to tone down the rhetoric. “We are trying to make our voices heard so that we may lead this country in two years. Statements like this muddy the water. We need to present a unified face to the country, and that face has to be one of the scumbags that is running for President.”

State political hopefuls seeking to best the Senator also called on him to retract the statement. “I think we should let the voters decide which one of is is the bigger scumbag. After all, our country was founded on the right of the citizens to make this decision.”

via Scumbags and subterfuge: Benghazi rhetoric heats up – CBS News.

Talk about South Carolina!