School Days

What will we do if opening schools is a major mistake? If cases start to rise and hospitalizations start to clog the healthcare system? How do we recover? A lot of healthcare professionals are talking about it, but I don’t hear any answers.

Everyone wants them back in school. Even the kids, now five months in to a summer that was a total bust. To them it was detention. And they didn’t do anything.

For those in higher education, it has been suggested that if they contract the virus, they be quarantined. You mean, move them to a sick dorm? How is that going to happen?

And for those who are too young to stay home alone? Will we separate our schools into sick and well classes? Get sick teachers to teach the sick kids?

And then what? When they go home and infect their parents, what then?

We are in a bad place. Don’t let politicians fool you. Kids play, in the first grade and in their fourth year of college. They cannot conceive of anything bad happening to them. They play, and they spread germs.

Talk about South Carolina!