SC Dems Statement on Kasich Visit to SC

SC Dems Statement on Kasich Visit to SC

Columbia, SC– SCDP Chair Jaime Harrison issued the following statement regarding Ohio Governor John Kasich visit to South Carolina this week, coming off the heels of his second place finish in New Hampshire behind Donald Trump.

“While Governor Kasich repeatedly touts Ohio’s supposed job growth during his time as Governor, the facts show a different story entirely.

“Ohio’s middle class is bearing the brunt of his ineffective leadership. Hard working middle-class Americans—many of them teachers—are being shoved aside at the expense of the wealthy.

“Americans will see through John Kasich’s twisted take on his ‘moderate campaign’. Kasich subscribes to the same right-wing ideology that benefits a select few and leaves the middle class behind. Democrats are committed to building a New South, but with leaders like John Kasich, we’ll end up stuck with the same old broken, tired policies of the past.”

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Source: SCDP
SC Dems Statement on Kasich Visit to SC

Talk about South Carolina!