Rubio – Haley Ticket?


Is Nikki Haley looking for her next job?

Ever since she delivered the Republican response to Barack Obama’s State of the Union address, Governor Nikki Haley has been sounding fair and balanced; or perhaps she has found a job she might be more interested in than being South Carolina’s governor.

Endorsing Rubio

Now she has endorsed Marco Rubio. Let’s consider a Rubio – Haley ticket. Two young, bright, solid conservatives. Both good looking. That counts, by the way. Both from southern states. Hmmm. Not sure about that one. Lot’s of Tea Party glam. A woman one heartbeat away from the presidency. Sounds a lot more appealing than Ted Cruz, or the dreaded Donald.

Is Rubio a winner in this campaign?

Is she hitching her wagon to a falling star? Maybe she could be good for his lagging campaign. One thing for sure, they appeal to main-stream republicans at least as much as John Kasich. The evangelicals are probably okay with this. What the red-meat crowd wants is revolution. This ticket may not be for them. Will they go along just to beat Hillary?


Now about immigration, perhaps there is a flaw in this combination. Both Nikki and Marco have been floating back and forth on this issue. Hating immigrants has taken the Donald a long way. Can this ticket grab his voters at the convention? Haley may not be a plus here, but then again, neither is Marco Rubio. And they are both right; hating immigrants is foolish.

A winning combination?

Better than any other at this point. Now, if Marco can actually campaign, that would be special. He sounds like a man running for office at your local high school. His grasp of foreign policy  is at least as good as Sarah Palin’s.  And he cannot get out of fourth place. Nikki Haley would have to work pretty hard to make this team a winner.


Talk about South Carolina!