Our work’s not finished yet


It’s done. The Confederate flag has been removed from the statehouse grounds, and we’ve accomplished something many thought to be impossible. I’m tremendously proud of what we’ve done together, but our work isn’t finished. We’ve still got so much more to do.

Over the past few weeks, we have stared down hatred and bigotry, but we’ve remained unified and focused on what really matters — on what’s right. So I hope we’ll use this experience as an example of how far forward we can carry our great state when we truly put our minds and actions to making progress.

Now the Confederate flag may not be flying in Columbia anymore, and that’s something worth taking a moment to celebrate. But we can’t forget that the fight must go on for access to quality, affordable health care coverage, avenues for education funding, economic development for rural communities, and investment in our deteriorating infrastructure.

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I hope what we were able to accomplish this week has strengthened your resolve and your commitment to our party, and I hope you’ll be committed to supporting Democrats in South Carolina who will fight with you and for you, and for the things that matter.

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Our unity has birthed renewed hope. More than ever, I know we can leave a legacy that will make generations down the line proud of all the work we did.So thanks for standing with me on this.

We couldn’t do this without you.

Jaime Harrison


Source: SCDP

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