Let’s Play Lindsey Graham a Sad Song on the World’s Smallest Violin

Let’s Play Lindsey Graham a Sad Song on the World’s Smallest Violin

This morning at Jeff Sessions’s Attorney General confirmation hearing, Lindsey Graham described the deep hurt he and Sessions have experienced in their time in powerful positions of authority.  “I’m from South Carolina,” Senator Graham said, “so I know what it’s like sometimes to be accused of being a conservative from the South.  That means something other than you’re a conservative from the South.”  Addressing Sessions, he observed, “In your case, people have fairly promptly tried to label you as a racist or a bigot or whatever you want to say.  How does that make you feel?

Poor Lindsey Graham.  Let’s console him in the most appropriate way for hurt feelings of this magnitude: let’s play him a sad song on the world’s smallest violin.  But we need to make sure he hears it so he knows how much we care.  That’s where all of you come in. HERE ARE WAYS YOU CAN AMPLIFY OUR SAD SONG:

1) Direct this video to Senator Graham’s attention on Twitter and Facebook.  Be sure to include a kind comment wishing him well.


2) Call his office and let them hear the song over the phone.  Senator Graham’s office numbers are (202) 224-5972, (864) 250-1417, (803) 933-0112, (843) 669-1505, (843) 849-3887, (803) 366-2828, (864) 646-4090.

3) Buy the world’s smallest violin (here) and either send Senator Graham a video of you playing him a sad song on it, or mail it to one of his offices (addresses here) so his staff can play for him.

And don’t forget to tell him to vote against Jeff Sessions’s confirmation—not because Sessions is a conservative from the South, but because he opposes civil rights, voting rights, women’s rights, and immigrants’ rights.  And from here on out, Senator Graham had better pay more attention to the feelings—not to mention the tangible harms—of far too many Americans who will suffer under the Trump Administration’s regressive and reckless policies.



Source: SCDP
Let’s Play Lindsey Graham a Sad Song on the World’s Smallest Violin

Talk about South Carolina!