Let’s be clear, there is nothing ‘new’ about Governor Haley

Columbia, SC— South Carolina Democratic Party Executive Director Jason Perkey issued the following statement in response to the announcement that Governor Nikki Haley will give a major address in Washington, DC.

“Today a Washington Post story reported Governor Nikki Haley will be speaking on her experience as the leader of the ‘New South’. Let’s be clear, there is nothing ‘new’ about Governor Haley. Her policies and values are as old as the Koch brothers from whom she receives her marching orders.

“From gutting education funding, to refusing to fund much needed road improvements, to giving tax breaks to her wealthy cronies, Governor Haley’s south would leave working families worse off than before.

“A recent poll of southern voters found Republicans underwater with their own base (42/53) and about as many voters believe Democrats share their values as Republicans (40D/ 43R). As demographic changes continue to overwhelmingly favor Democrats, the ‘New South’ will be one that represents working families and works to make sure everyone has an opportunity to succeed, not just wealthy special interests.

It’s clear from these results that not only does Governor Haley not represent the ‘New South’, she is out of touch with the very base she claims to lead.”

The full polling results: http://bit.ly/1eEN8KE

Source: SCDP

Talk about South Carolina!