Let ’em eat table scraps!

Every time I begin to feel that South Carolina is a pretty nice place, someone emerges from the political clown-car and savages this state. This week it is an old favorite, Todd Kincannon, who has allegedly stated that the poor should eat our table scraps, kind of like when we feed them to our dogs, but with less dignity. What next, hand-me-down clothes? Work-houses? Are we to return to the age of Dickens in our treatment of the less fortunate? Anyone read Dickens, or has this sentiment been drowned out by the relentless hackles of the Fox News generation?
There is a thing called Christian charity, that most South Carolinians believe. We do unto others around here, and vilifying the poor is not just wrong; it’s despicable. Merry Christmas, Mr. Kincannon, and God bless us everyone!

Talk about South Carolina!