Lee ‘Not-So-Bright’ brings it

Lee Bright wants to replace Lindsey Graham. Lee Bright says things that are Tea Party creepy

“We’ve got a lot of people who won’t work. And they won’t work because we’ll provide their food, and we’ll provide their housing and we’ll provide them their spending money. We’ve all seen it, the folks in line who are using (food stamps), yet they’ve got the nicest nails and the nicest pocketbook and they get the nicest car.”

Lee Bright knows as much about poverty as he does about  a good many other subjects. He wants to represent us in the Senate by:

  • not providing assistance to poor people. No food. Let them starve, apparently
  • getting immigrants to ‘self deport’. I guess that means they get disgusted with the treatment they receive here and just leave.
  • abolish the IRS. Not sure how the government survives. Donations, maybe? From people who let the poor starve?

Lee Bright is bright in name only. He’s not so bright when it comes to understanding that the vast majority of people on welfare are the very young, the very old, and the victims of our latest economic debacle.

He doesn’t understand that government trains doctors, and educates people,  fixes roads, fights fires, and protects your neighborhood.

He doesn’t understand that we are a nation of immigrants, and that cheap labor was a major factor in the US leading the world in the twentieth century.

He’s not so bright.


Talk about South Carolina!