Jaime Harrison to challenge Lindsey Graham

Have the antics of Lindsey Graham finally reached the point where South Carolina Republican voters are ready to vote for someone else? Jaime Harrison thinks so. He wants the Senate seat that Graham holds.

History does not bode well for Jaime Harrison. Over decades, South Carolina Republican voters have held their noses and voted for some very questionable characters.

Mark Sanford is the best example. Perhaps the most embarrassing personal collapse in state history was followed by a successful run for Congress.

Call them Yellow Dog Republicans. They vote straight party ticket. And they mostly vote the way Donald Trump wants them to vote, with the exception of Democrat Joe Cunningham, who barely eeked out a win against Katie Arrington.

Can Jaime pull this one off? Lindsey has gone off the rails more than once in the past year. But yellow dog voters are forgiving.

Talk about South Carolina!