Happy New Year

Nancy Mace will be sworn in Monday as our new Congresswoman. You can almost see the oil drilling platforms through the fog. She won office by promising to support Donald Trump in his fight to do whatever. I assume that means assisting in fighting whatever Joe Biden proposes.

Lindsey Graham continues to defend Donald Trump. He has come out in favor of the big check. In doing so he opposes Mitch McConnell and the little check. We heard Mitch mention taking money from our kids. He used that a lot during the Obama Administration. We are robbing future generations again. That is after almost 8 trillion that Donny has over spent in only one term. I guess we know when Mitch has had enough.

Covid is winning South Carolina, and many other states that surround us. New Year’s Eve on King Street was a mass of young people sans masks or distancing. Everyone was smiling and happy. Young girls dressed to shine. Guys showing their hunky-ness. Statistics now point to an increase in cases for the under forty crowd. But for one brief shining night, there was no plague. But there is, and it loves to party with us.

Clemson took a beating against an opponent most people dissed for even being in the playoffs. That is unfortunate. Team sports in a pandemic has been less than what we hoped for. Let it go. Next year is here.

Talk about South Carolina!