Graham Picks His Poison – Haley Too!

Poison Is Good!

Senator Lindsey Graham announced his support for Ted Cruz very shortly after he

Lindsey Graham

Well, I was agin him before I was for him…

likened the choice between Cruz and Donald Trump to being ‘shot or poisoned’. We assume the choice was a reluctant one. Regardless, he will now stump for the poison.

Holding Her Nose?

A lot of people seem to be jumping in the Cruz-clowncar. Nikki Haley likes him too! Sure, she came out for Rubio, but that was then, and this is serious. The Cruz love-fest is a no-brainer. Trump is scaring the bejesus out of lots of people.

And The Voters?

Ted Cruz is not the only choice, but perhaps the only realistic one for those in fear of a Donald Administration. Kasich? No magic there. Donald Trump may be wowing the masses, but those who have looked at his record don’t see much conservatism, or deep religious conviction, or leadership. That does not seem to matter to the voters. Trump tells it like it is, they say.

Wouldn’t You Rather Be Shot?

Whoever said politics makes strange bedfellows should have a statue, somewhere. Snuggling up in bed with Ted Cruz is about the strangest image we can contemplate. Are you sure this is better than being shot?


Talk about South Carolina!