Excerpts from USC College Democrats Press Conference

Columbia, SC— Today, University of South Carolina College Democrats hosted a press conference in advance of Florida Senator and Republican Presidential candidate Marco Rubio’s speech at the University of South Carolina.
Here are a few remarks from Megan Taylor, a sophomore at USC, as prepared for delivery.
Its hard to believe that someone with his record on college affordability would set foot on a public university to stump for votes from college students.
Despite the rising cost of attendance at a four-year college or university, Marco Rubio opposed legislation that would have allowed graduates to refinance their student loans.
Senator Rubio voted to slash Pell Grants, which help first generation college students afford higher education and achieve the American dream.
It’s clear that a Rubio Presidency would make a college education unattainable for anyone except the very wealthy.”
Here are a few remarks from Matthew Cauthen, a junior at USC and Richland County Democratic Party Third Vice Chair, as prepared for delivery.
Marco Rubio has championed policies that add fuel to the student debt crisis. He even opposed a plan that would make community college free to anyone who works for it.
Senator Rubio can’t be bothered to help students afford a college degree, but was more than happy to advocate  for Corinthian Colleges after an investigation found they had made fraudulent claims to students about job placement rates.
Senator Rubio is in it for himself, and not helping American students get ahead.”

Source: SCDP

Talk about South Carolina!