Excerpts From Press Call on  Gov. Scott Walker and Dr. Ben Carson Visits Today

Columbia, SC–Today  Congresswoman Gwen Moore (D-WI 4th District) and Jaime Harrison, Chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party (“SCDP”) held a press conference call ahead of Dr. Ben Carson and Governor Scott Walker’s events in South Carolina today.


Here are a few excerpts as prepared for delivery from Congresswoman Gwen Moore: 

“Scott Walker will say anything and do anything in order to get your vote and then flip flop. I would warn people of all political stripes to watch their back when dealing with Governor Walker.


I’m here to tell you that Scott Walker is anything but a ‘uniter’. Walker kicked off his campaign by championing his war against teachers and telling his friend Sean Hannity that increasing the minimum wage for hardworking Americans is a lame idea – his words.  He doubled down on his belief that raising the minimum wage ‘doesn’t serve a purpose.’”


Here are a few excepts as prepared for delivery from SCDP Chair Jaime Harrison:


Like our own Governor Nikki Haley, Governor Walker is playing politics with healthcare and has refused to expand Medicaid in his state, leaving hundreds of thousands without access to healthcare services they need.

Despite his humble upbringing, Dr. Carson continually sides with the wealthy special interests over giving Americans a chance to succeed. Carson has dismissed the notion that raising the minimum wage could address income inequality and spoke out against President Obama’s plan to provide students who work hard, and earn it, two years of free community college to help them get ahead.

Listen to the rhetoric that is coming from the Republican Party as it relates to the Hispanic population and Hispanic immigrants to this country, these guys are even talking about repealing the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

So many immigrants from Italy, from Europe came through Ellis Island where that famous quote is etched onto the Statue of Liberty: ‘Give me your tired, give me your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.’ That’s what the United States is about. But the rhetoric you hear coming from the Republican Party right now is hateful, and its un-American.”


It’s clear the Republican field has one priority—protecting wealthy corporate donors, even when it hurts working families, students, veterans, and seniors.”





Source: SCDP

Talk about South Carolina!