Economics Without Greed?

Income and wealth distribution is todays central economic problem. We are on a path of self-annihilation it seems, like a gladiatorial battle, until only one family is left standing with all the nations capital resources. For example: The lower-earning 80% of households — 96 million households or  256 million citizens — earn just 40% of all pre-tax income see this CBO report, page x. and 20% at the top earn 60%, and 10% earn 50% and 1% earn 22%. You can say accurately that the 20% at the top earn 6 times the average of the lower-earning 80%. Today the combined incomes of the top-earning 1% of households is greater than the combined earnings of the lower-earning 60% of households see here.

via Economics Without Greed.

Talk about South Carolina!