Don’t Have a Photo ID? You Can Still Vote

Don’t Have a Photo ID? You Can Still Vote

This year’s election will be the first presidential election held since the passage of South Carolina’s new voter ID law.  It can get complicated, and all the details are here and below, but this is the most important thing you need to know:


If you do not possess a photo ID, YOU CAN STILL VOTE at your regular polling place on Tuesday.  (To find your polling place, go to  If you experience a problem, please call our voter protection hotline at 1-877-3-GO-VOTE (1-877-346-8683).



Here’s what you need to know, in more detail:



If you do possess a photo ID:


BRING IT with you when you go vote on Tuesday (acceptable IDs are a driver’s license, DMV ID card, SC Voter Registration Card, federal military ID, and U.S. passport).


If you do possess a photo ID and forget to bring it to vote, you will either have to return with it, or else vote a provisional ballot that will count only if you show your photo ID to your county election commission prior to the certification of the election (usually Thursdayor Friday after Election Day).  So to avoid that, if you do possess a photo ID, BRING IT with you when you go vote.



If you do not possess a photo ID:


Bring your voter registration card to the polling place and tell the poll worker why you have been unable to obtain a photo ID.  Any obstacle that you find reasonable is acceptable, and as long as it is truthful, you must be allowed to vote.  You will technically vote a provisional ballot, but as long as you are truthful, your vote will count.  No additional action is required on your part.



For all the details as laid out by the S.C. Election Commission, click here.  Again, if you encounter any problem, please call our voter protection hotline: 1-877-3-GO-VOTE (1-877-346-8683).


Please share this information with as many voters as you possibly can.  And if you’re available on Election Day, we still need volunteers to sign up as poll watchers to ensure all eligible voters are able to cast their ballots.  Just yesterday, Politico published an article with the headline, “White nationalists plot Election Day show of force.”  Sign up here to help us protect our democracy.


Source: SCDP
Don’t Have a Photo ID? You Can Still Vote

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