Donkey’s Around Town!

Donkey’s Around Town!

The Democratic National Convention Committee is inviting each Democratic State Party to help Philadelphia artists design a state-specific Donkey Round Town!

SCDP will submit up to six elements—symbols, flags, plants and animals, iconic people, or historic places—to represent your state/territory on your donkey.

  • The state/territory name will be painted on the donkey, and is not one of the six design elements.
  • Donkeys will be on display for all audiences to enjoy. The Host Committee will not change elements that states/territories submit, provided they are appropriate.
  • Submission deadline is Friday, February 5th!

Ideas for the design include:

1) State Flag
2) SCDP Logo
3) Picture of Mother Emanuel Church
4) Sweet Grass Basket
5) State Motto: Dum Spiro Spero “While I Breathe, I Hope”
6) State Flower
What do you think?  Please email with your ideas!

Source: SCDP
Donkey’s Around Town!

Talk about South Carolina!