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SC GOP candidate says poll worker ‘bullied’ her when she refused to wear mask while voting

It’s really not hard. Wear a mask, keep your distance, and vote. The world is full of jack-asses. We don’t need any more.

A Chester County elections worker cleared out a voting office Monday afternoon during a confrontation with a Republican candidate for the S.C. House of Representatives who repeatedly refused to wear

Source: SC GOP candidate says poll worker ‘bullied’ her when she refused to wear mask while voting

Annual stone crab claw harvest begins in Florida

Joe’s in Miami. Stone crabs. My father in law would go there every year.

I have not been there. Yet. Will I ever? James said it was the best place he ever went.

I have had them in Charleston, made by me, not the way they are supposed to be served. Even then, they were outstanding.

I wonder how good they really are, when a chef makes them?

This virus needs to abate.

I need to go to Miami before I die.


Florida’s annual stone crab claw harvest has started amid new rules aimed at protecting future stocks and concerns about demand for claws due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Source: Annual stone crab claw harvest begins in Florida

Best morning reads

If you don’t follow the SC State Climate Office, you are missing a daily email that amuses and informs. Mark Malsick turns out a nice letter that you will want to read, especially during the hurricane season. The climate office is part of SCDNR, which has developed a good web presence over the years. Enjoy!

Good Morning,

The Cyclone of the Week offering today is Tropical Depression 11. At 5 AM this morning, no one cares but, TD 11 was 2520 miles east-southeast of Bucklick SC sashaying west-northwest at the prescribed 15 mph in the southern reaches of the subtropical high. The maximum sustained winds are guestimated at 35 mph. 11 is better organized this morning with a hint of spiral banding, upper outflow to the south, and an impressive morning burst of cold cloud tops, all indicating strengthening. The National Hurricane Center Cyclonoids make this a tropical storm in the next 36 hours and are scrambling to find the appropriate unpronounceable Aramaic name.

The latest model runs have TD 11 on a recurving fishstorm track into the central Atlantic and falling apart near Bermuda by next Wednesday. Given the big ocean theory, the Prudent Mariner keeps a weather eye to the east until TD 11, or its remnants, are passed and opening or, … in France. Elsewhere over the North Atlantic, Caribbean and GoMex untoward tropical storm formation is not expected in the next 5-7 days. -Mark Malsick