Who needs math? SC will teach the 2nd Amendment.

Forget Common Core, math and science, and being able to get a decent job. South Carolina schools really need to spend more classroom time on gun rights.

One proposal before the House would establish the Second Amendment Awareness Day on December 15th, with competition for posters and essays on the right to bear arms. That would be one day after the anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings.

Is there a better way to start the holiday season? Just in time for junior’s special gift from Santa.

But there’s more. The Department of Education would create at least three weeks of education on gun rights. And from where would this font of knowledge come? Why, the National Rifle Association, of course.

The Sponsors?

  • Sen. Lee Bright, of Spartanburg
  • Rep. Garry Smith of Simpsonville
  • Rep. Richard Yow of Chesterfield

In case you did not know, South Carolina has already adopted standards that mandate the education of students on how the the Bill of Rights insures limited government.

Maybe Johnny can’t read, or find a good job, but he will be able to┬álock and load.