2016 SCDP Democratic National Committee Elections

2016 SCDP Democratic National Committee Elections

Pursuant to the South Carolina Democratic Party Rule VII: Democratic National Committee, “In Presidential election years, the State’s representatives (one man and one woman) on the National Committee of the Party shall be elected by a majority of delegates present and voting at the State Convention.”  This election year, based on population growth in South Carolina, the State Party will also elect an additional at-large representative to the Democratic National Committee.    We will hold elections for three DNC Committee positions: DNC Committee Man, Committee Woman, and At-Large (male or female) at the SCDP State Convention on Saturday, April 30th in Columbia, SC.  Terms for these positions will begin at the conclusion of the 2016 Democratic National in Convention in Philadelphia, PA and will last for a term of four years.

Current Members

Currently, Representative Gilda Cobb Hunter is the DNC Committeewoman and former Representative Boyd Brown is the DNC Committeeman.  Rep. Cobb Hunter has indicated her intent to run for re-election, while Rep. Brown will not seek another term on the DNC.

Election Information and Procedures

The elections for these positions will be conducted as follows:

1.  All interested candidates must submit a 2016 SCDP Democratic National Committee Statement of Intent to the SCDP Headquarters at 915 Lady Street Suite 111 Columbia, SC or via email at Jason@scdp.org by 5:00pm on Friday, April 22ndSubmission of this form by the deadline is required to appear on the ballot as a candidate.

Click here to download the 2016 SCDP Democratic National Committee Statement of Intent 

2.  Elections for the SCDP DNC Committee positions will be held on Saturday, April 30th at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center the site for the 2016 SCDP State Convention.  The nominations for each position will be conducted in the following order: 1) DNC Committee Man, 2) DNC Committee Woman, and 3) DNC At-Large (male or female).

3.  Each candidate may have up to three (3) nominating speeches of one (1) minute and if contested, candidates may speak for no more than three (3) minutes.

Source: SCDP
2016 SCDP Democratic National Committee Elections

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