2016 DNC Committee Elections

2016 DNC Committee Elections

At this year’s State Convention we will also elect three of our six DNC members. These new DNC members will take office AFTER the 2016 National Convention concludes, on July 28, 2016.  They will not be Delegates to the 2016 National Convention, which is why some of the candidates running for the DNC positions are also running to be Delegates to the National Convention. DNC member Boyd Brown, whose term runs through the 2016 Convention on July 28, 2016, is not running for re-election.

1.  Male DNC Member. Currently there are 5 males running for this position.

1. Willam Byrd

2. Clay Middleton

3. Brady Quirk Garvan

4. Trav Robertson

5. Mickey Suber

2.  Female DNC Member. Currently there is one female running for this position, Rep. Gilda Cobb-Hunter, who is the incumbent.

3.  At Large DNC Member. This is a new position for South Carolina, due to our statewide population growth.  This position may be a male or a female. Currently there are 3 women and 5 men running for this position.

1. Master Bines

2. William Byrd

3. Carol Fowler

4. Sheila Gallagher

5. Jay Parmley

6. Brady Quirk-Garvan

7. Trav Robertson

8. Susan Smith

Nominations from the floor will also be allowed for all three of these DNC positions.

South Carolina also has two more DNC Members who are always the SCDP Chair and a Vice Chair (always one male and one female). The elections for SCDP officers are in odd number years so the current SCDP Chairman and Vice Chairwoman are not running for election this year. We will be members of the DNC (and therefore super delegates) until May of 2017, when our terms expire. Additionally, all former Chairs of the DNC are automatically members of the DNC,  which give South Carolina a 6th DNC member.

Source: SCDP
2016 DNC Committee Elections

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